Has anyone gone to this? Does Nick sign similar to Roger before or after shows, or is it just hit or miss? I know he's a good signer from what I've seen online.

I plan to go to one of his shows and would like to get something signed. Any tips?

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No reports from US Tour yet? :(

I got 4 items signed by Nick in Sweden 2018. It was the first show of the tour and there were about 10 of us waiting. He came with a security guy. At first the security guy asked us to sign only one item, but we were calm, there were 10 of us and Nick told us: "Come on, I may sign everything". So he signed everything we brought. But we were polite. He even agreed to take some pictures with us. For me he signed UK 1st pressing of "Dark Side" (previously signed by Roger), UK 1st mono "Saucerful" (previously signed by Roger), "Endless River" box and a piece of paper previously signed by David Gilmour.

That was a great experience. But we were calm and polite - so that was the main thing.

I have to admit I made a mistake in Leipzig - I had two things for him. The Wall signed previously by Gerald Scarfe and Roger Waters - which was my priority piece of course, and as second item I had his recently released boxset of his solo albums. As I was the very first guy who got his sign that day, I didnt want to get him annoyed at the beginning so I asked for signing just one item - and didnt asked for the second one. But The Wall was my priority and I´m very very proud of that piece! 

Any updates?

He didn't sign at all for anyone, or even come out in Minneapolis... There were quite a few people waiting for him. So I guess the people at the earlier concerts got lucky. I'll be curious to see if he signs at other ones. He had signed drumheads for sale at the merch counter for $100 and posters for $65. 

That´s a very bad news….. :( 

Definitely a big disappointment. The show was pretty good if you like pre Dark Side Pink Floyd music. But driving quite a ways, and waiting around for hours in the cold for nothing was a pretty big disappointment. I was really hoping to get him to sign even one of my albums that I got signed by Roger... And thought I had a good chance since he had been signing at other shows. So that definitely put a damper on the night. 

That stinks - I’m going to the Montreal show next week - when people got him was it going into the venue or at the hotel?

There was barely anyone at the venue before the show. Maybe 15-20. A security guy or bus driver maybe said he'd sign. Then he just went straight in and didnt come back out. After the show a lot more people waiting, he apparently got straight into the tour bus and they took off. I just seen a lot of disappointed fans/autograph people leaving. So if he wouldn't sign for the 15-20 before the show I dont know if he'll sign at all... Unless he was just tired or having a bad night. But if this was anything to go by, the venue wasn't the place to get something signed... So maybe you'd have a better chance at the hotel. But I'm very curious to see what he does at the next shows... And I wish better luck than me to anyone who's going. 

Maybe you will get a chance sometime in a future. I really hope it´s not a permanent end. 

I have front row seats so maybe I'll make a sign to have him sign my WYWH that Roger and David already signed.  Who knows.

I was in the 1st row during the first european tour show (September 2, 2018). I did a sign for Nick to sign my record, he saw it and shooked his head in a negative way (he didn't want to sign from the stage). But after we waited for him outside - he signed everything. But it was just the first show of the tour.


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