Has anyone gone to this? Does Nick sign similar to Roger before or after shows, or is it just hit or miss? I know he's a good signer from what I've seen online.

I plan to go to one of his shows and would like to get something signed. Any tips?

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I cant say whether it was just my wrong impression - but in Leipzig it seemed to me Nick cares more about items which were already signed by someone else, than about "empty" ones. 

Yes, he does. And when he signed a sheet previously signed by David Gilmour for me - he showed that he is impressed with it ("Wow, that's David! He doesn't sign usually").

When he came for signing in Leipzig we made a line along the gate - and he noticed that there is group of people with stuff which is already signed by Roger or Gerald.... and he started with us and then he came to the "rest" - some people were there just by pure coincidence - he signed ticket for them - and this stuff, he signed in rushed way. When he added signs to others, he mostly cared and tried to give a more complete signature. This was my impression.

Indeed. When he added hos signature to David’s - it was the most accurate autograph ever.

This is what I want to get signed -- exact proof of David signing!  I got this from a fellow collector last year.David%20Gilmour%20Proof%20-%20WYWH.mp4

I read this show review and thought maybe he read it, and was pissed off last night... 


Or maybe ticket sales were lower than they wanted, so he was upset and didnt sign. When I bought mine I waited till closer to the show because I seen there were a lot left... When I got on to get tickets they had a special going for $20 tickets, and they were pretty decent seats so I got those. I think they were normally around $70-80 seats. 

Guess I'll never know for sure, hopefully he signs at some other ones. The rest are too long of a drive for me so I think that was my only shot. I dont really see him touring again, since I'm sure he's not doing it because he needs money. I am still happy that I got Roger his last tour, but woulda been really cool to add Nick... But good luck to everyone else, post your results, I am very curious to see if he signs at other ones. 

Reviewer is absolute….. terribly wrong!

I agree I enjoyed the show, seemed like everyone else was really into it. The sound system was great as well, and the theater was very nice. I'm glad I went, even with the disappointment on the autographs. 

Anyone else go to shows after Minneapolis? Any updates? Still curious if I just had bad luck or if he was done signing.

Hes still signing

Thats good, glad to hear he didnt stop. Guess I picked the wrong show lol. 

Somebody said he did not sign in Detroit. I guess its hit or miss.

Maybe trying to control the crowds. Some people might not want to go out and wait if it's not a sure thing. He was selling signed drumhead at the merch table... I would have probably bought one if I had known he wouldn't sign. 


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