I photographed the last night of Nick Mason's UK tour last night. On the merch stand (and the tour starts in Europe this weekend then goes to the USA), they have a small number of items signed by Nick - some really nice posters and a drum skin. Not cheap, but authentic and I had a good chat with the guys there and indeed looked through all of the posters before picking mine out. They aren't signed by the rest of the Saucerful of Secrets band but Guy Pratt's book is also available signed. Apparently these items can be purchased online too but the merch guy didn't know the website address. Posters were £50 signed, the drum skin is £65. 

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I went to his last tour in the US and waited outside because he supposedly signed... I seen the drum skin and really wanted one but figured I'd get something signed afterward so I passed it up... he ended up not signing outside at all (before or after). So I missed out on it. I have read he's been signing on this tour so maybe people will have more luck with that. I think the one I went to was one of the few he didn't sign at. 

Here is mine from the current tour

Nice! I've been debating on going again and testing my luck but it's a long drive so I'm not sure I'll try it this time. I have a few albums I got signed by Roger Waters on his tour I'd like to add Nick to. I brought them to his last tour but no luck. 


Roger signed for probably 100 people he was quick and organized. Went thru the line very fast before his show. He'd only sign certain items but he was pretty reliable. Not sure how it'll be on his current tour with covid I know some celebs are using it as an excuse to not sign but we'll see. Hopefully I make it to his show again it was awesome last tour. I seen him twice. 

That would be interesting. I'm pretty sure there's a healthy dose of animosity between them, so whether you'd get him to sign something Roger has already signed I don't know! Good luck though. Would love Roger or David's signature, only got Nick so far.

Nick and Roger seem to get along ok, I think it's mostly David and Roger that have the problems with each other. Roger came out on Nick's last tour I believe on his New York show. Nick and David get along too from what it seems. They just put out a song to support Ukraine not too long ago as Pink Floyd (aka Nick and David).

I'm sure we all live in hope of seeing two or three of them on the same stage at the same time again. That would be great. I've written to DG twice sending photos and never got a thing back. Nick signed straight away and I think RW lives in the US which makes it harder from here in the UK. 

Yeah I'm pretty sure he's got a house in NY city and the Hamptons. I don't think David signs much at all, other than when his wife makes him if she puts out a book lol. I don't think Roger signs through the mail but does sign before his shows if you can find the artist entrance and wait a few hours. Nick signed most of his last tour stops, except the one I went to. Not sure if he didn't sign at any others. 

Roger's show I went to, Eddie Vedder came out and sang Comfortably Numb... so that was almost as good as seeing 2 or 3 of the original members. Not quite though haha. I haven't seen David in concert but hopefully he does more shows before he gets too old. Roger's show was my favorite though. He put on an amazing show. 

DC is the one I'd really want to sign. Photographed the sound check at his Royal Albert Hall show a few years ago and he did a full beans run through including Comfortably Numb. In an empty Royal Albert Hall we could shoot anywhere except the first 6 rows of seats. Magical experience. They're all great solo, would be lovely to see them together one last time but I guess that's as likely as Plant and Page...

Dang that would be amazing. That's really cool you got to do that. I bet that was awesome! Yeah I don't see them ever working together again, unfortunately. 

Can you share the photographs??



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