Could anyone help me authenticating these Nirvana autographs please?

This was found in a loft in Paris.

That is the only info I have.

I have also attached another picture of a record found at the same place and time which is also signed.

Any thoughts are welcome.

Thank you in advance!

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Was their a European edition of the album or one for more than one country in Europe?

I believe 1500 United states albums and then some color edition.  These are supposed to have been carried from America to Europe to get signed if I'm correct. Also overseas it would be a different distribution company most likely. In America dgc was distributed in the US by a company called uni distribudistributions.  Now know as  the universe music group.  I worked for uni.

There were $1,500 of that album signed? Thanks, Marc. You're a wealth of info on this.

no 1500 printed not signed manufactured I belive plus some cored ones but there was only a short time they were made and I belive not all were produce while kurt was alive

if there was a european edition it would have a different stock number and dirstribution  code.

more likely it was sold as an import at an inflated price

When I knew them there was no security or bodyguards. They were known bodies still. They were doing free or just club shows.

some interesting things about overseas stuff so that's why its easy to to figure out where and when this album  came out

for refrence

Non-U.S. CD pressings of the album include "Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through the Strip." It is listed on the back cover as track 13, but is heard after approximately 20 minutes of silence following "All Apologies" on track 12, beginning at 24:00 and ending at 31:31.

I stand correct 25k albums only 

September 14 on vinyl in the United States, with the American vinyl pressing limited to 25,000 copies.

this is were it gets tricky ,see he was dead already but there are additional pressings 

so as I said you can date the album first

DGC issued a new version of the album with reworked packaging to the stores in March 1994. This version featured edited album artwork, listed the name of "Rape Me" as "Waif Me", and included a Scott Litt remix of "Pennyroyal Tea".[81] A spokesperson for Nirvana explained that the band decided to edit the packaging because as kids Cobain and Novoselic were only able to buy music from the two chain stores; as a result they "really want to make their music available to kids who don't have the opportunity to go to mom-and-pop stores".[82]

also due to kmart and Walmart refusing to carry the album the cover was changed

DGC issued a new version of the album with reworked packaging to the stores in March 1994.   kurt was dead already

Just not convinicing enough for a collector to own being found in a loft , no real provenance. You really can't authenticate Nirvana graphs but I heard it was sold for 800 dollars and then consigned to Iconic auction passed by some tpa. Maser bought it I believe I could be mistaken but he consigned it to Iconic.

and then resold for over 11k lol.

Where did it sell for $11K+?  I still don't trust those albums.

Iconic. In this hobby we are simply left with do the sigs look good? And I'm not going to lie, those sigs look spot on. My issue rests with the inscription, especially the one in silver- because whose writing is that? And we can say that isnt important, but what if I said to you, hey I have a signed Nirvana LP and the sigs are real but a friend of mine wrote on it as a joke...would it still be $11k? My problem is that Iconic said in their description that Dave added "For Marie," and I honestly dont know how they can say that. There is no example of Dave's writing that matches that anywhere. But the sigs do look great.

As I understand it, they were sold in a FB Nirvana group for either $800 for both or $800 each. If the seller knew where to go to sell it, why didn't they know they were selling them for pennies on the dollar?




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