Could anyone help me authenticating these Nirvana autographs please?

This was found in a loft in Paris.

That is the only info I have.

I have also attached another picture of a record found at the same place and time which is also signed.

Any thoughts are welcome.

Thank you in advance!

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At the end of the day all this thread is about is a few people making money, the seller ,buyer- consignor , auction house and the tpa's. Really nothing to do with a hobby collection.


if it walks like a ducks and signs like a duck its still a duck

on a side note I sold my unsigned nirvana shirt from dgc records for 1k around 6 months ago.

Hi marc e very interesting post but the history of the 2 records founded in a flat in paris it is imposible. In Paris when you rent a flat you should have an inventory ... 2 red chairs + 2 signed records from nirvana, jejeje there are some persons very lucky in the world is like this yeahhhhh !!! 

is it really impossible?

For all we know they could have used laser ink transfer paper to put copies of their autographs on the albums. Very hard to tell without seeing them in person.


Since you folks won't let this go, I will step in

Hey Paul (Sir Paul?)
It's a complete farce and misconception to say that Nirvana cannot be authenticated.
Maybe you can't, but I can assure you that some folks CAN !!
And to believe that Nirvana cannot be authenticated ONLY lends a helping hand to the forgery industry.... so quit spreading rumors of things you don't know about. 

These LP's are blatant authentic

Steve C brings up a good point about "laser" technology

Maybe just maybe that's what happened here????

Maybe someone is good at Nirvana forgeries that they got the subtle details of Kurt's sig and Krist and David right.... but I highly doubt it !! If you can't see these are authentic then that's not my problem. But I'm not gonna tell you why I KNOW they are authentic in public.

Deals still happen today and they will always happen.... full Floyd for $200, Bowie for $50, Eric Clapton for $50, Elton John for $50, RUSH for $75, ELP  and on n on

This thread is getting mind numbing dull 

Just because it doesn't make sense to you, doesn't mean it isn't real

Truth is stranger than fiction and that IS A FACT... and it happens in autograph collecting as well

If you live your life that ebay and auction houses set the trend of market prices then you will always pay top dollar. And this is why it's of the utmost importance to learn the signatures and study and study on your own. Do your own homework like you were taught in grade school

Did y'all learn something? 

Yes Thank you.


I suspended you a week or so ago for similar things as you are doing now, trying to make your argument by demeaning members.

The next time I wish you into the cornfield, it will be with a lit match.

but why a cornfield?  and why would one want to destroy a cornfield? 


The video below will explain the cornfield. You didn't have The Twilight Zone in the UK? Shame.



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