The story on this one is to have been 'concert used" it certainly looks USED....but it could have been just some old used Drumhead someone got signed..IF the signatures are even real. I did not see this one signed.


Can someone check the KURT, dave Grohl (which from my in person examples from Grohl this- appears authentic to me) nad the third member--Krist... but for some reason..he signed this with a  "C" iot looks like not a K for looks like Christ...??? SO I have questions on its authnetiity...i have no other info...signed around 1992


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Also the D in David doesn't fit the angle of the rest of the signature or vice versa.

Krist used to sign Chris.  But if I`m not mistaken it was before Dave Grohl was in the band.  Idk for sure. 

wow I just realized this thread is 4 years old

krist did sign Chris while dave was in the band but it was a short period. He signed most of 1991 as Chris. It was at some point in 1992 that he went to krist.

It was established a long time ago the piece is 99% or higher probable forgery. I didnt see it signed .I got it from a guy in Washington State a long time ago. about 20 years ago .in trade for a signed Neil Young and some a Robert Plant photo both signed in person, .I got ripped off it seems... since its fake it will probably get tossed out soon..I dont resell fakes.  I had never gotten Kurt in person. I have since gotten Dave, Pat, and Krist ..and the  in persons (although signed years later) do NOT match this drumhead.  I rarely took items I didnt see signed..this was one of them.

Ah gotcha.


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