Anyone good with Nomar stuff? This is a bag without a COA. Any thoughts?

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I do collect some Nomar. This is not good imo

I agree, not good

From a second look at this, I am thinking an authentic, rushed ballpark signature. It does have correct flow and formations

that is the point, it doesn't look rushed, in fact, it looks slowly signed to me.  

Compare it to these authentic examples:

Based on the light streaks in marker, I don't see how it is slowly drawn. Also, both compared examples are neat UDA sit downs. Nomar did not sign anywhere close to a sit down style in the 90s in ballpark type of situations. Here's a card a buddy obtained IP - all the right points are there. So I can't call this a forgery, just nothing I'd ever want in my collection
Attachments: No photo uploads here
Sorry, only one of your examples was UDA (helmet). The other contained a personalization and he was known to sign fuller if he personalized.



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