Let's reserve this thread for any non-musician signed books and other items, at least until a dedicated forum exits for those posts.

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STILL LOOKING FOR "The Office BFFs Autographed Copy"
by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey It's Available over @ BAM this morning!!! https://www.booksamillion.com/p/Office-BFFs-Autographed-Copy/Jenna-...  GOOD LUCK!

I decided to grab it this time, thanks

15% with code CA0322


gives you 20% off

Managing Expectations by Minnie Driver Autographed Copy  $27.99 for Hardcover


Richard E. Grant, star of Whitnail and I, Can You Ever Forgive Me and Loki, has his memoirs coming out. Signed copies appear to be coming to independent book stores & found here:



Barbara Costello: Celebrate with Babs: Holiday Recipes & Family Traditions - https://premierecollectibles.com/babs

Randy Rainbow
: Playing with Myself - https://premierecollectibles.com/rainbow

Marisa Renee Lee: Grief Is Love: Living with Loss - https://premierecollectibles.com/grief

Steve-O: A Hard Kick in the Nuts: What I’ve Learned from a Lifetime of Terrible Decisions - https://premierecollectibles.com/nuts

Lol PASS…what’s up with the Rockwell, are they selling used books now? 

They have to be. They have both been dead for quite a while.

Right, that’s where I was coming from. Just weird because they haven’t typically offered antique books. 

They literally have to be. One has been dead for 15 years and the other has been dead for 44 years.

And you can buy that Easton Bluebeard signed edition still in shrinkwrap on eBay for $150-200. 


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