Let's reserve this thread for any non-musician signed books and other items, at least until a dedicated forum exits for those posts.

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I might have to consider getting one.

The Obamas are tough (impossible) TTM.

I agree. I was lucky and found a Michelle Obama Becoming Deluxe Signed Edition on eBay and paid $200 a few months ago, just $50 over original retail price. Most usually bring $300. I also got lucky with the Barack Obama books. I got A Promised Land Signed Deluxe Edition for $350 in store on release day (they bring like $500 now on eBay). However, I paid the full $500 for my first copy of Renegades Deluxe Signed Edition in store. In January I got the Amazon deal where I paid like $330 total for my second copy of Renegades. With the two together, I paid about $400 for each copy. 

Jann Wenner Rolling Stone Founder Signed Book Like a Rolling Stone Autographed by Jann S. Wenner (booksamillion.com)

Bummed that I missed out on the Werner Herzog book. Anyone seen them anywhere else? The only place i could still find was UK shipping only and I don't really want to use a forwarding service for this to the states.

THANKS! just grabbed one from that seller. Only $29 total shipped to the US. Looks like they have 10 more available.

There are a few available on eBay (US editions) 

Academy Award and Golden Globe Award Winner Geena Davis - Signed Book "Dying of Politeness" (Hardback - Hand signed to the title page)


Thank you so much - just restocked!

appreciate the heads up!



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