Let's reserve this thread for any non-musician signed books and other items, at least until a dedicated forum exits for those posts.

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This is a good lesson.. I caved and purchased a Tom Hanks book last year for $65. The difference is I was able to pick a good signature.. just like RHCP though.. there will be a lot of upset people who spent $150 recently if signed versions of their new release becomes available.. you just never know. Its always best to just stick to retail unless it's a certain item you want signed

100% confirmed now at least. 

Thanks, purchased...

Where are they for sale signed? It doesn't say signed at B&N or are they sold out?

Thanks Marshall.

I looked on B&N and they definitely didn't state they were signed, maybe a glitch as i am in the UK.

After a hell of a lot of messing around, re-setting my password, I looked again and they were back up as signed - so ordered one! 

Do they ship to the UK?

I am in the UK - They do ship to the UK, but not to new customers. As i have had a B&N account for several years they will allow overseas customers to order from them.

If you have ordered from them in the past you will be fine. They made this change about 18 months ago.


Makes zero sense since a UK company now owns BN (waterstones)..

I Know Nick D - It's a bit ridiculous - they will ship to UK / overseas Customers if you had ordered with them prior to them making this rule 18 months ago or so, but won't ship to new overseas customers .... 

Oh - I have no account with them so  no book for me. Seems a bit shortsighted!

Appreciated thanks big fan of at least 90% of what Tom does 


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