While we're on the subject of George, how about this oddity currently on eBay with a start price of $1,500.

If it were genuine it would be great but I have pretty major doubts. It seems to be trying a bit too hard and there some very odd flowery bits. Parts of the inscription actually look more like Ringo's work (e.g. the "To"). Another big problem is that George was probably not on the ship on the menu date (2 September 1971). According to a blog I saw (that may be wrong of course) he boarded the ship on 22 September. If the dates are right, I hardly think George would have been asked to sign a three week old menu.


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More than likely issued an loa without seeing it in person (I think that is just a file Frank sent him to see what it looks like before he sends the physical copy)... Which should be a "no no" if he hadn't seen it in actual person.

I will say on Frank's behath that he has been authenticating for over 30 years and maybe has seen this before? I don't know...

Well, I don't know anything about this situation, obviously, so I don't address it.

Speaking broadly, I don't think every auction house is actually sending hundreds, or more, of lots to each of their various specialty authenticators every month or three or whatever. Unfortunately, I think a lot is said from scans these days. I have read about items from this or that venue having some sort of initial certification, and then not passing upon post-auction physical exam. 

Fairly certain that the LOA had the date of 9/30 and I didn't even think twice either... Unfortunately didn't take a screen shot as I wouldn't think things would be deleted...

It did say 30 September, which is why I remarked on the fast turnaround from Frank.

I wonder what the story is? I was even thinking Frank might have been involved in some way other than as an authenticator - either in the eBay transaction or afterwards. Maybe he now owns it.

Very weird that the scan got pulled. Maybe it was not pulled by Beatleworld himself. Could be that Frank objected but it happened rather fast for that. Almost as soon as I asked whether Frank was now authenticating for others.

Somehow I doubt the menu had been on the market before. Somebody here would surely have recognised such a distinctive piece and it just looked so "fresh to market" anyway. 

Frank doed authenticate for some third partys. I know he does for Rockaway and Fab 4 Collectabled and Record Mecca.

I bought my McCartney from Rockaway which had been authenticatef by Frank but no LOA written out. I purchased it and asked Frank if he would issue an LOA and he said since I had purchased it from Rockaway he would.

Turnaround time for the LOA was a month.



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