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$5K just a few years ago for apparently nonextant signing styles? All I can say is homework/self education is truly invaluable!

yes sir

self teaching is becoming more important as we can plainly see

And at some point, the TPA's need to be accountable for their mistakes and begin a refund program. This crap is costing people a lot of money lost !!!!!

gleason. jackie. Would be a good start. ;) The exemplars on Facts...

After 5 years I don't think there is any recourse either. Hmm.

There is a Floyd thread not 3 years old where these styles came under discussion along with some others. I have seen a few also in Google as well search don't know if any were certed or by which entity.

"Only you can prevent forest fires"...

really sad to see that someone has actually spent $5 on that,- really awful actually




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