Here are a few terrible Trouts from ok authentics and certed by global most these all look exactly the same.I have plenty of examples ive obtained in person this spring and last and not one looks the same as the other.

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Here are a few examples of my Baseballs to compare to.

Nice post, Tony.

Thanks Chris.I wanted to also mention both baseball's I posted were signed exactly one right after the other at angels camp just the other day.

I have brought up eBay seller okauthentics before with their unlimited supply of hilarious Puigs "certified" by Global Authentics. Junk forgeries coming off the assembly line one after another, slapped with a GA sticker and sold on eBay. Truly sickening.

Here is a Clayton Kershaw forgery listed by eBay seller okauthentics , not only is it a forgery, it is a counterfeit jersey. If you look through his store, it looks like he has also resorted to selling counterfeit jerseys for $40 shipped. Just an all around eBay scammer. Of course, this Kershaw forgery on a fake jersey comes with a "COA" from Global Authentics:

Not only does eBay seller okauthentics have Kershaw "autographs" on every jersey color, multiple balls, helmets, photos, etc. They also currently have 28 Puig "autographs", all certified by Global Authentics. All miserable forgery attempts that I have posted several times in my Yasiel Puig study. This one is the funniest:

Here is another one from OKAuthentics.


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