OML Baseball Autograph Values Vs Non-Official/Little League Baseballs

Hi, I was wondering what everyone's opinion is regarding the value of a signed baseball that is signed on an Official Major League ball verses one that is a China made other league baseball. Obviously the OMLB bring a premium, but what do you think that premium should be? 20%? More, less?  

For example, here is a link to a Bill Clinton signed baseball that was made in China. It has a JSA LOA. If OMLB, this would sell for $400 or more. But since it is made in China, what do you think it is worth?

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I would say 250

The problem with some of the China balls is they tend to fade/bleed/smear after being (or sometimes while being) signed. It's possible that the leather curing has improved over the last two decades, but I recall that being a HUGE issue in the 90s. As for the ball in question, I think it also has the problem of being a felt tip signed ball, so it has two strikes against it. (With this specific ball in question, you can already see where the "B," "Cl" & "n" have smeared after being photographed by JSA.) Supposedly one of the China/OLB balls is supposed to have a lesser problem with this, but that seems like an area where you could get a marginally better product on the cheap. Then, when it comes time to sell, you'll have lost most, if not all, of the perceived arbitrage, since the only people who would buy it would be others trying to buy a superior inferior product on the cheap.

As for Clinton... I don't think his signatures should be worth that much, no matter how popular he is. He's such a charismatic and extroverted fellow. He doesn't mind standing there for hours to ensure he gets to talk to everyone and sign within reason. In some ways, he's the Mickey Mantle of US Presidents: No matter how saturated the market is, someone will pay a premium thinking someone else will pay more later. Clinton & Mantle (when he was alive and signing everything and everywhere): prime examples of the greater fool theory at work.

I suppose, depending on the subject, a non-OMLB/OAL/ONL ball could justify anywhere from a 20-50% haircut.

Nothing because it's not real.



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