This is a good one. I've been on and off EBAY for years. One thing for sure, regarding Autographs, its truly a cesspool, full of scammers, crooks, forger, liars, and thieves. I have tried many,many times to get crooks booted with little or no success. I have laid out all the chicanery for EBAY, blatant forgers, sellers selling pre prints as authenic, ect, but I have never had this happen. The seller, bobbyacim2003 had been running a "framed" photo w/ signature of Victor Sen Yung, "Hop Sing" on Bonanza. A fairly rare sig, I watched it for a week, 99.99 at auction, with Free Shipping.  It had the standard Biography of Victor, why do some think that is necessary is beyond me, do they think it adds credibility ?? Anyway, I'm pretty familiar with his signature, and I believed the item to be genuine. The cutout in the mat board didn't fit the sig properly, but it did not matter, it was the signature I was interested in, not what appeared to be a pre cut Mat. No bidders after the 6 days so the seller relisted @ 109.99 or Best Offer, still, Free Shipping. I offered him 75.00, he responded at 99.00, I came up 10.00 to 85.00, he countered 90.00 Was it worth 90.00, more than I would normally pay, but it was framed, and he was going to spend AT LEAST 10 on shipping, so I agreed. He started blowing smoke from the get go, What a great negotiator, this is so rare, so nice, framed, its the greatest. Yeah, OK, whatever, the sig is real, worth more to me unframed, but OK. His 1st invoice added 90.00 twice, with 7.00 for shipping.His 2nd was closer, 90.00 but still 7.00 for shipping. The item was listed Free Ship, so I wrote him, then saw on the bottom of his invoice, he stated, I have to throw a small shipping charge because its framed and there is glass. Its a great item, you'll be thrilled !! No, I wasn't, wrote him back, explaining he could not agree to 90.00 w/ free shipping, then change the price, 2.00, 5.00, or even 7.00, that not how business is conducted. He then told me per EBAY, shipping was never incl in Best Offer Deals. I called EBAY, got a girl in the US, yes, the US of A !!! She said "No" he could not add to the price, and stated she was writing him an email as we spoke telling him so, and to finish the transaction. He refused, and started writing me insulting emails though EBAY. Told me pay the 7.00 or the deal was off.
I told him it was wrong, and upon closer exam of the item, it was clear the photo was glued to the top of the mat board, hardly a Professional Frame job. If he valued it so much, chk the cost of shipping, then subtract it from the 90.00, keep his "beautiful" frame and mat, & just send the sig, he comes out ahead, or send it all, 90.00, send me an invoice. He refused both offers then canceled the transaction. Unbelievable, I've dealt with many crazies on EBAY, but this one took the cake. I reminded him he was in violation of EBAY rules, and that they were reading his emails. He then claimed he dropped it, it broke, tore the sig, a total loss. I asked him to send photos, you know what happened. EBAY is a great place when it works as it should. There are quite a few solid dealers, and many honest collectors buying & selling. However its things like this that, as well as sellers like this, that pollute EBAY, and operate with no fear. Had to share this, this has never happened in 20 yrs of EBAYing. At any rate, bobbyacim2003, be careful of this one.

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Let me understand this.

1) You have tried to expose forgers to Ebay's fraud department with no success? 

2) You actually called in to Ebay and got a rep that an American person to help you?

As crazy as it sounds, all true. Last I knew they don't call it the "Fraud Dept", they call it "Loss something,something"  and they assure you they are with you, on the same page, but they're not. I showed them every sale this woman made, going back a yr and a half. Pre Print D Blockers, all "Authentically " signed, gotten by her poor late husband years ago, at a Chevy Dealer. I contacted every buyer, and nearly everyone claimed they contacted her after they received them, alerting her they were Pre Prints, her reply, "Sorry, no refunds" along with, I'm just a poor widow, and can only go by what my dear departed hubby told me. She STOLE over 1300.00 I laid it all out for them, the photos were all IDENTICAL, the signatures, letter placement, IDENTICAL, even stating how it was no different than her stealing the money right out of peoples pockets. But in that case, she'd be arrested, put in jail, brought before a Judge, & ordered to pay restitution. However, she was hiding behind the veil of EBAY with no likelihood of prosecution. At the very least, go into her acct, and give these people their money back, and boot her off of EBAY. Their reply, most of the buyers were over the 60 day EBAY guarantee,  period, The end. I spent over a month writing, calling, to no avail. She stayed on EBAY, no sanctions whatsoever.

Its cases like this Seller w/ the Hop Sing, along w/ the Pre Print "Authentically Signed" Dan Blockers, and all the other shenanigans along with EBAY's blind eye, that really make EBAY frightening.

100% right! They act like they are with you and are going to take action, but they do nothing. I just got an email from Upper Deck. I reported ebay seller c-shark for selling a forged Lebron James Rookie card that he claims is a Redemption card. I called Upper Deck and then forwarded the link to the auction to the right person there while I was on the phone. The gentleman from Upper Deck emailed me an hour ago thanking me for alerting them and that they contacted ebay 2 days ago to let them know that the card was NOT one of theirs (a forgery) & that they wanted the auction taken down, but ebay has yet to do so. The fake Lebron signed card is up to $113.50 with 7 hours left to go!

I can't remember the exact name for it but it's something like Ebay Fraud and Prevention' department. 


What the hell are you talking about?

That framing job should feature on a documentary: 'Framers from hell' (sequel to 'eBayers from Hell'). Looks like he's had a go at it himself and failed miserably!
Rule #1 in business: The customer is always right.
#2 Once a deal has been made, it should be followed through.

Rule #1 for Framing: If you can't do it right yourself, get a pro to do it!

On a side issue, Dale... your display name isn't in honour of the famous South African tear-away fast bowler, Dale Steyn (albeit with a different spelling of the surname)? :)

Agree, & from the beginning he was trying to blow smoke up my backside, and it was apparent he thought he was much smarter than anyone else. So be it, all I wanted was the sig, which I was overpaying for, but I had planned on holding onto it for years. The worst part of the whole thing, EBAYS response was for me to leave bad feedback, that to me is unbelievable. Even though EBAY emailed him, telling him he could not increase the price, & to finish the deal, he refused. he continued to spew lie after lie. EBAY is based on a Seller/Buyer scenario, & constantly tout a bid is a contract that must be followed though on. Yet when you have a seller who clearly defies EBAY and its all clearly written in emails, they take no action, absurd.

And no, that is my name, oddly enough, there are quite a few of us in the USA.

I had the same issue last year Dale where the seller tried to alter the shipping after agreeing. Ebay are useless and said he could not do it but then allowed him to cancel the transaction anyway.

Its crazy, undermines the whole concept of EBAY when EBAY holds no one accountable.


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