Opinion please: John Belushi, Gilda Radner, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Loraine Newman, Garrett Morris

I was not happy with my original pictures so Im reposting this with better quality pix. Im looking for any opinions at all. Please let me know what you think

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Im becoming relentless on my quest. I just found this article about SNL autographs from new orleans in 1977.. 


Im really excited about how these autographs match up to mine. especially the Bill Murray and the way John's J doesnt really tilt to the left.

Please, anyone with knowledge, give me your opinion. I plan on getting this authenticated by PSA next week 

My set is actually from that fateful New Orleans Mall/Plaza visit in 1977.  Loraine is the only tough call, and I like yours far better than the images shown in the article. 

WOW great example, Thanks for sharing, thats a big help. I never seen Bill Murray sign his full name before. How come you had them sign the SunTimes? Is there an article about them inside? Just curious. Thanks for the response. I am feeling so much better about mine after all my research and seeing your example

There is not any article about them in the paper, the gentleman who obtained the signatures was a transplant from Chicago living in New Orleans. He had the Chicago newspaper mailed to him in NOLA. He went to the Plaza to see the SNL cast at their presentation and showed John the paper, who in turn flipped thru the paper and proceeded to pass it along to Bill, Gilda and Dan. John and Bill both grew up in the Chicago area and along with Gilda & Dan all of them spent time there during their Second City Days. They all got a kick out of reading hometown news ,and signed the paper as a thanks.      

Bill signed Wm James Murray Wilmette IL. 

Thats a nice story to have with these autographs and would explain why Bill wrote his hometown. VERY COOL!!!

Just thought I would give an update. I went to the sports card convention in rosemont IL today (11/19). Gave PSA this item with $100 fee, crossed my fingers and waited about 4 hours... Im happy to say it passed. the guy picking up his item in front of me had his item fail. That made me very nervous but she came out and when she pulled out the COA, I wanted to cry! I asked them to put the sticker on the item but they put it on the COA instead. They let me keep my item with another sticker but will mail my updated COA. It kind of ruined the moment I was having but I'm still extremely happy. I hope this info helps someone else out in the future



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