Hello guys,

I'm thinking of buying these two items from K9GRAPHS.



I did my homework and am aware that K9 is a legit seller when it comes to SW stuff (as it comes from his own collection, to my understanding). Should I expect the same level of legitimacy for items non SW-related? I'm pretty interested in these two items and figure they aren't THAT expensive for legit items...

What do you guys think? The seller and these two items...

Thanks in advance!


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Pete Chuka is class and we are blessed to have him here!

It's problematic when authenticity becomes more based on the seller than the actual autograph itself. This is not a bad rap about a seller's honesty or integrity. It's just the way it is in this hobby.

In person signatures can vary greatly depending on the circumstances when and where the autograph is obtained.

It can absolutely be genuine but so atypical that no independent verification will confirm that fact. I have experienced this personally a few times. It's not worth the headache down the road.

Trust but verify for you own piece of mind. Be careful with your hard earned dollars.



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