So I've always wanted to own a Michael Jackson autograph.  I just bought 3 on a whim - somewhat worried and hoping at least one (and hopefully all) are real.  The first one is a head shot of Michael from the 1990s, the second one is signed on hotel note paper with a COA from Roger Epperson, and the third one is a signed performance photo.  Would really appreciate your opinions!!

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Nice pick ups!  I like them.

1st and 3rd are fake, 2nd definitely authentic imo

plus one

I agree! 

First color one originally sold at RR Auction not that long ago.  Looks ok.  2nd one on paper good. 

Third color one I'd also say good. 

I agree -- nice pick ups. 

Really appreciate everyone's opinions here. Since it seemed like most thought they were all good, I submitted them to Beckett. @Yannick @michelle and @SignedByMJ -- Beckett agreed with you. The second passed but the other two failed.

I will be working to get my money back on the other two. Happy to finally own one authentic autograph but disappointed with the other two -- my hunt will continue for a few more pieces. Just curious what to look out for in the future? Is there a collection of authentic ones I can refer to for comparison? Thank you for all of the help!!



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