I have these 3 Beatles items:  A signed, John Lennon sketch on a piece of paper, visible area about 5 1/2 x 10 inches (matted); a knock off of a Rickenbacker guitar signed by George Harrison; and a Hofner bass signed by Paul McCartney.  What are your opinions on authenticity and the approximate value of these.  




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These were all sold by Antiquities in Caesar's Palace, and Roger Epperson examined them for Rick and determined that they were forgeries...which is obvious just from looking at them here.

Rick was so angered with their responses to his emails that he said he take take it all the way to court unless he got a full refund, and hired a lawyer. It's clear that he got what he wanted.


I remember when a website for hotels offered reduced tickets, because Sting was in town (http://las-vegas.hotelscheap.org/, for all the interested) and I went there just to get an autograph. There were tons of people selling their "autographs" that they had "just got" from him. It was pathetic...

I think all non authentic. It looks like someone was trying to come with a never before seen john lennon drawing in the style of lennon. The george looks forged. Also consider the item it is placed on. Some crappy guitar that looks like it was assembled in vegas. The paul same thing. It looks too pretty like look at me im shinny and perfect.
That lennon with drawing signature looks just like the lennon cut signature on another post that is on red paper!
Here is the red one see any similarities?
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The John one looks pretty good, I'd say late 60's, early 70's on that one. The George one looks  good. I'd date that one at around the 80's / 90's. The Paul one however looks a little iffy, but then I don't see many McCartney signed guitars.

all FAKE! 


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