These were obtained by my wife a few years ago on eBay at some expense and gifted to me for my birthday. I never checked their authenticity but was always a bit sceptical. Neither of us are experts, and frankly it was a bit of a punt even though the seller checked out ok, had impeccable feedback, provided full details, etc.

They came with some of kind of letter detailing how they were obtained.

Any opinion is much appreciated. Thank you very much.

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Opinion? Absolutely fake. 

I would agree with Mojo. Not genuine. So sorry.....

Absolutely Not good!

Sorry Roo...sadly other halves/boyfriends/girlfriends/family with fantastic intentions are conned by these type of people all the time - nice feasible story with a date that checks out, 100% feedback etc. The majority of feedback relates to the item arriving in good time, nicely wrapped, good communications etc.  

Not your wife's fault at all and regrettably (a few years later after the sale) there is little recourse.

Yes, definitely fake.  And really feedback on eBay means pretty much nothing in regards to authenticity.  There are tons of unscrupulous sellers with large fake inventories who have 100% positive feedback.  Buyers get there their autographs in a timely manner and are initially happy, so they leave positive feedback, only to learn months or even years later that they unfortunately bought a fake.



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