I was wondering what you all thought of these 2 Beckett authenticated sheets? Thanks for all your help

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I'd only chime into say that Harrison was using a red pen at least in the first half of 1963. 

Lennon used to carry a red pen in early to mid 1963 as well...

All my Lennon's are from late 1962 but its interesting pen wise. When I was going through all the Beatles autographs I had I knew they were from three specific concerts, the first in 1962 was not well documented but the 2nd two were on established tours in the first half of 1963, but it was interesting looking at the pens they used and they clearly did up to a point at least carry and use their own pens. 

I have a Lennon from May 19, 1963 in Hanley England while they were touring with Roy Orbison.....the blue pen Lennon was given ran out of ink...so he took out his red pen...and finished the autograph in red...."Technicolor two-tone"

I've got a number from the Birmingham gig on that tour on 4th June. It was at the Birmingham Town Hall but John Lennon arrived later than the others so I only have McCartney/Harrison/Starr from the summer Orbison shows. 

Duane Eddy was due to headline that tour but it was switched to Roy Orbison at the last moment. He was set to headline but both The Beatles and Gerry and the Pacemakers (also on the tour) had just had number 1's so the billing switched round. 

Orbison took to the stage each night facing screaming mersey sound fans and silenced them each time going into an opening rendition of "Only the Lonely". 

I've also got quite a few Roy Orbison autographs off that tour plus some David MacBeth's (probably forgotten now) who was also on the bill.

I would say both are authentic.


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