Opinions on this Mariah carey autograph don’t want to purchase anything until I no!!

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A friend of mine is selling this one. I don't see very much in common between his and yours actually. Autos change over the years... Ask Epperson


Thanks for your opinion not convinced it isn’t authentic but open to opinions 

How much is he wanting for this item and what country isit from 

how could anyone possible authenticate that scribble?

I peronally would spend a little more money to find a fuller and nicer signature. That will hold its value better in the long run.


I don't trust either one you posted. When you shop for a great deal, way under market, it's almost always only a great deal for the seller—IF you buy it.

I had just posted this comment under the second one you posted, but I see you deleted the image:

"t looks like the person who signed this one also signed the one you posted at top. Neither look like Mariah Carey to me."

Slow down - there is no rush :)

And note the one Fran posted looks a lot more like the top-certed (if that floats your boat) much more $$$ examples we looked at. 

I would look for something like this cd.


I’m looking on aftal dealers who have years of experience and the signatures they have are not like this I have determined that the one in the picture is a personal autograph do celebrity’s. Change there autographs??

 Celebrities often change their autographs over time. Bjarne’s was probably signed 20+ years ago. More than that, their autograph is affected by how fast it’s signed, what it’s signed on, where it was signed, stability if surface, their condition...all sorts of factors  

You are right Steve. The promo cd that I showed was signed in 1995.

And a lot of artists change or shorten their autograph with time.



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