Hi everyone, new to the game here. Looking to buy my first autographed item. What do you think about this signed Pearl Jam album. Any PJ experts out there?

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Actually before I started this thread I did ask the seller if he could take it out and ship it in a tube. I also asked the condition of the actual poster. He agreed and said it was in good condition. I’ll ask for pictures of it out of the frame before I buy. Thanks for the replies and advice guys.

Tube? For me - ship flat. Pay extra if needed. Never roll. Ripples go on for ever...like in the great oceans.

Ok. Makes sense. It’s a poster though. About 24x36.

Oh, I read "signed album" - my mistake. In that case, you want as large a tube as possible - less "turns". Signatures on the outside lest you crunch ink/paint pen etc. Same goes for rolled oil paintings. Not a good idea, but if you must...image on the outside

What are they asking for the poster?
Hi. Yes you’re right. I originally started the thread asking about an album than asked about the poster. Sorry about the mox up.

If I remember correctly, that Poster was somewhere North of 3K. You could do a lot better! Pearl Jam isn't really my thing, but if your Patient, you can get a much better Deal than that.

It seems like collectors are paying more for pj signed items now.
Price is out of whack. He is taking offers but who knows. I’ve encountered collectors who price things high because they’re attached to the piece and only a ridiculous amount would get them to sell it. I’m guessing a signed poster like this, which isn’t a silk screen one they sell at their concerts, just a regular poster, would be around $1500 at a fair price?
More than likely its worth 1500!
The Lp is quiet nice!
As collectors we pay premiums for items that are rare or signed extremely nice.
There are a lot of pj signed items around patience is your friend.
Yes you’re right. There’s tons around. Basically I’m waiting for an item that I like to pop up. Whether it’s a photo I like, poster or LP. The signatures have to be nice as well. I’m getting to notice the ones that were signed in a rush. I don’t mind paying a premium for something that is signed nicely and it’s an item I would want. But paying double than what is a fair price is foolish I think.



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