Opinions Please! Eddie Collins, Connie Mack & Dizzy Dean

Hey guys. I am a long time collector and just joined the site. Looks great!

I have done some business with Pristine Auction and have been really happy. I have seen them discussed a couple times here. I have some questions about the vintage autographs below and need your help...

Eddie Collins

Connie Mack

Dizzy Dean:

Are they authentic? What is a good price for these? Any idea what grade these would get with BGS and is it worth getting them graded?

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This is a good place to get opinions, but people have to see it. I rewrote your title and moved your discussion to the category  What Do You Think of This Autograph? You should get more action there. You can also mention it in the sports group, and put a link to this discussion there.


Dan, the people here who give their opinions based on their knowledge are very generous with their time. 

But I find your "inflection" a bit offensive.  You sound like we're  obligated to answer your questions and give our opinions.  

Have you done your own research?  If you're not willing to spend $7.49 for something you desire for your collection then you can't really want it that badly.

No one here gets paid for their opinion and time spent looking at an item, but there's a polite way to do it.

Steve's right, this is a great place to get opinions, but please don't take us for granted.


I apologize for coming across that way. I guess I have just been a little bit frustrated in browsing the forum as it appears that most people only like to chime in when they have something negative to say. I looked over some of your posts and saw your YouTube videos. No offense, but it seems like you fit right in being that everything that I see from you is about items that you believe are fake. By no means am I saying you are wrong, I guess it would just be nice to see positive posts every once in awhile instead of all the negative.

I certainly would be appreciative of any free expert advice that I might receive.
I will disagree with that statement.  Then again, it depends on where you are coming from or going too.  there is just as much positive and quite abit of no tolerance with the fraudsters that exist out there trying to shaft the end consumer.
I'd pay the $$ and get the opinion.  looks fine to me though.
I agree, Kyle. If you're going to pay out a pile of money for autographs, why not spend a few percent on quick opinions right away to see if you should even waste your time thinking about them further?

I'd be happy to help but have no familiarity with these signatures.


In terms of "negative things"... I suspect it may seem this way because if some bad fakes are posted, people are not shy about pouncing on them.  lol  You may not see as much activity on something like this because people just are not sure either way.  :-)

By the way, checking out Pristine Auctions, some of the lots are questionable at best. There seems to be good stuff too, but I would proceed with caution.


Ronald Reagan signed TV Guide


Horrible fake Mantle signed lithograph that was signed so slowly it...  A rank amateur could tell this was fake.


Another Mantle/Williams/DiMaggio GAI fake


Hmm...lots of aka Cassius Clays.

Zippy, you missed the Reagan baseball. Wouldn't you love that in your collection.....

I'd buy it for $5 for the kids to throw in the yard. I'd put it in the bag in the garage with my "Chall" Heston signed ball. lol
I gotta tell you...I'm so glad you joined us here. You're a major benefit to the community and fun, too. Invite your friends.

I have a Dean signature on a 5x7 b&w photo. Mine is very different from this one you are referencing. On the ones I have seen, he connects the Y in Dizzy directly to the D in dean. Also, he doesn't have any looping in the capital D as shown in the one on auction. The spacing in between first and last name is also different. I can send you a scan of mine if you like.



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