Hello out there! I have a question perhaps some of you may be able to assist with. I have a signed Ruth ball, verified authentic and genuine, that's been in my collection for many years. I am not questioning the authenticity as I am more curious about the ball itself. It seems as though someone wrote on the ball and I am trying to do some research on what is written. I can't make out some of the writing so I am seeing if anyone can help. The caption reads "Home Run Ball hit at ....... Park By" then Ruth has signed next to the caption. The part I can't read has the name of the park it was hit in. It seems to say Brosero or Broseco maybe a P? However, based on several hours of research there are no parks named anything close to that that Ruth played in nor hit a home run in. Has anyone heard of a park named this or something similar? Perhaps a nickname for an old Baseball Park I am not familiar with? Also the red/blue stitching on the baseball would indicate it was a Official American League baseball based on my knowledge of older balls. 

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Here are a few more photos


Maybe it was from a park that he visited during a barnstorming tour?  You would think there has to be a list of where he went, but I can't find it.

I was looking for the same thing, seems everywhere I checked was a dead end. Thank you looking I appreciate it!


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