I am considering buying a rare and unique Ovation guitar which is not available anymore.

This guitar has 14 guitarists signed on the reverse including BB King, John Lee Hooker, Buddy Guy, Joe Satriani, George Benson etc

It includes authentication from Ovation on the uniqueness of the guitar and authenticity of the signatures from a leading expert.

Soooo, what's it worth?

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Thanks Steve.

That is a GORGEOUS guitar but no...that guitar did not come from us.  I believe we were asked to look at it some time ago but I don't know if we actually fully authenticated it.  If I did there should be some paperwork.  I almost feel like this was going to go to a charity auction and we gave a write up for free on this but I could be mistaken.

PROS:  Rare guitar, great legendary deceased blues legends on there, legit signatures, if you wanted you could start attending blues shows and get several alive legends to sign the front

CONS: Signed on the rear of the guitar, some fading and skipping and blemishes on some of the signatures

Ultimately you're not going to get a guitar signed by B.B. King, John Lee Hooker, Buddy Guy and the likes for under that price.  Just not going to happen.  Multi signed deceased blues legend guitars are far and few between.  If you don't mind it being signed on the back of the guitar I'd say go for it.  You can buy a turntable, put a mirror on the top of it, encase the guitar in an acrylic display case and put the turntable on to slowly rotate the guitar to display both sides :)

Thanks for replying and your advice Michael.

There's obviously been some misunderstanding with what I wrote earlier. The guitar had one owner since the 90's who himself obtained all the signatures and I have now bought it off him. There is a letter from yourselves and a letter from Ovation confirming the uniqueness of the guitar, I have attached photos from my laptop of these below but a bit difficult to read and I have them on Adobe files which are too big to post here and I don't know how to amend/edit them!

There are 2 major problems with the signatures; Al Di Meola only signed it lightly with a fine tip pen so this had faded significantly. George Benson was having trouble getting the pen to write so shook it which deposited a ink blob on his signature and his 'On Broadway' hit title that he was writing.

How to display it is still giving me a lot of thought but I will look into Michael's suggestion of having a case made.

still having problems with images !

still having problems with images !

ive been collecting and selling autographed guitars since 1990 and i wouldnt pay much if any thing for it.main reason its on the back and it will be a very hard sell and mutliple signed guitars are worth less than single signed guitars.

i also noted theres some sctratches on the autographes or wear and tear.

just my 2 cents

what helps determine value ,on body cost more than pickguard ,then is it on the guitar the play.is it an american guiatar or china made.rember 99.99 percent of signed guitars or on cheap ones on pickguards,thats what ruined the signed guitar market with ebay not to mention the fakes

I have a letter from Ovation, the manufacturer which I have been trying to post but it's an Adobe Acrobat file and it's too big and I can't edit or copy chunks of it. I will type the main body of the text and post it here when I have a bit more time.

I'll attach the Ovation letter PDF at the bottom of the original post.

Thanks Steve,

I've just finished typing it out onto a Word Document!


This letter pertains to Mr Wrights Ovation Celebrity Deluxe Accoustic/Electric guitar which he purchased in the early 1990’s.

This particular guitar consists of very distinct characteristics of which no other guitar in it’s class is similar. The prominent Bird’s Eye Maple body is one of a kind, which also consists of a matching headstock of the same design on the neck of the guitar. This element alone constitutes it’s rarity, as our other newer models do not carry matching headstocks.

The body also has an epaulet (sound holes) consisting of multi-exotic hardwoods. Additionally, this instrument is manufactured with gold hardware and has abalone fret inlays.

The body of this guitar is made with one entire piece of wood as opposed to other models which are comprised of 2 pieces of wood joined in the middle. The area where the 2 pieces join creates a line down the front of the body.

However, Mr Wright’s guitar does not bear this marking. Therefore the quilted grain pattern of the wood is completely fluid and continuous throughout the face of the body.

Furthermore, this specific model is no longer in production which further adds to the scarcity and unlikelihood of it being reinstated nor substituted.

The guitar is exclusive in of itself. It is certainly unequalled due to it’s individuality which cannot be replaced, given it’s distinguishable and unique features and qualities.


John Budny

Customer Service Manager

Ovation, Guild, Hamer, Guitars

37 Greenwoods Rd

New Hartford, CT 06057

A few things.

First, I've gotten most of these people, and DO NOT doubt the authenticity one bit. They are all legit. Also...I think I know the person that got these signed. I saw them at many of these venues, with the Ovation. I believe it's the second one they got. The first one was filled up with signatures already.

Second, I think that price is a bit high. Sure, you got BB and JLH, and Buddy Guy is a living legend. Here's the problem though. EVERYONE hates the back of the guitar signed. Think of it this way. You have an 8x10 of Michael Jordan. SIGNED ON THE BACK!!!! Sure, it's still got some value, but....a lot less.

The other thing to consider is this. ALL OF THOSE GUYS, were prolific autograph signers. Those aren't rare signatures. It's not a guitar signed by BB King, and Willie Dixon, Howlin' Wolf, etc.

If I had to say a value would be attached to this --as somebody that collects music signatures, and has gotten all these people, the rarity of such an item, the fact that they're on the back of the guitar --

I'd say, if I were rich...I still wouldn't pay more than a thousand for it.

Now, here's some good news. If you're really bummed about the signatures on the back, here's the perfect solution. Get some signatures on the front! That way...it'll look completely bad-ass. Filled with signatures on the front, and back.

i would not pay 2500 for signitures on the back



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