Ozzy Osbourne... Anybody familiar with his autograph?

Hi... I Would appreciate if anyone of you with knowledge on Ozzy would share your opinion on these 2... The Ozzmosis is supposedly signed in 1999.. (they don`t come from same source)

Thanks in advance for your opinions

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Ozzy autographs dont usually look as clear as this especially the Osbourne on these look too clear.

- Alistair (you can call me AL)

I think they both are real. I especially like the second one on the picture. I know that usually Ozzy's autographs are more sloppy, but I have got a few real clear ones in person.

2nd one is real, first one I am not sure on, could be a sloppy signature but not sure

real imo

First of all, thanks to every one of you for your opinion.

I had done quite a bit research on the 1st one (the cd) and compared to several others. Honestly I didn`t find any red flags and thought it looked good, but wanted some other opinions if it was something I had missed..

As not all of you were 100% certain on the cd I decided to send it to PSA for a quick opinion and it came back as : Likely Genuine...

The seller also has a AC/DC, Motorhead and Billy Idol autograph for sale, so if anybody of you have knowledge of those I`d love to hear your opinions on those:




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