OZZY OSBOURNE (SIGNED Limited Edition Softpack CD Autographed Insert)

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awesome, I didn't realize it was time for these already. I never got over the last ones being fake but had to try. hoping for better this time

I had the uk notice of shipment yesterday and the USA today 

my fingers and toes are crossed for this one lol

Hey Dobby, me too, in that I just got shipping confirmation.

This crazy bulk amount of autographs done and available so quickly screams AUTOPEN,

just like last time, but I have fingers crossed that it'll be genuine from Ozzy's hands..we'll see.

Fingers crossed!! It does seem iffey! I thought it was supposed to ship in October sometime… about a month after the cd released.

Me too Dobby, My receipt says:

PREORDER: This item is currently on pre-order and will begin shipping in conjunction with the album street date, October 7....this seems too fast ???

I can't speak for the CD's , but both my vinyl copies just shipped from the same place , Georgia. Seems awfully strange and fast paced for those who were promised legit autographs , but Ozzy is doing quite well and may have fulfilled the autograph orders in time. 

we were told we were getting legit signatures last time too and it didn't happen, but just hope that he will actually sign these to avoid all the negative feedback he got last time. 


either way, I still hope to get my shipping confirmation soon, I gave them so much hell last time blasting them on social media daily for at least a month and threatening them with lawsuits so I am hoping they don't remember that and cancel my order lol.

LOL...if he pulls any monkey business (or bat business?) this time, I'll be right beside you KD.

Can't wait for it to come so we can share & compare the "autographs" we get.

I did not purchase any of the items that were available on this release. I just hope for all that did that there is no jiggery-pokery involved like the last fiasco. 

Will my copies be real?


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