I'm a fan but just not a big enough fan for $100 i guess

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Signed by EITHER Phil or Rex. 


Thank you for posting by the way - not knocking the heads up, it is appreciated.

$100 for both of these guys is a stretch. You only get one!

I agree, and that's funny because I saw both names and just assumed they both signed. if I would have noticed it said either I doubt i would have even posted it lol

Either LMFAO Gtfo 

One of my favorite signed CD's is my Far Beyond Driven I got at an in-store probably 25 years ago. Signed by all of them and I have never looked but it's probably only worth a bit over $100 if you go by value and not ebay.

I’ll give you $110 for it ;)

I know.

Depending on which autograph I receive, I should be able to send them either $100 or $25. 


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