I am always suspicious of complete cast-signed items, especially when they are not inscribed, cast is not known for signings at events, or few authentic complete examples exist.  Fortunately, most of the Partridge Family cast have plenty individual exemplars which to compare.  Signatures include:

  • Dave Madden
  • Shirley Jones
  • David Cassidy
  • Susan Dey
  • Danny Bonaduce
  • Suzanne Crough
  • Brian Forster

Unfortunately, based on my research, these signatures do not seem authentic.  However, I appreciate any confirmation or encouragement.  Thank you in advance for sharing your opinions.

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bump - Below is the only "Partridge Family" item I found in the RR Auction archives.  However, several "Shirley Jones" exemplars were available.  The "S" in "Shirley" in the OP is different from typical examples which include a loop rather than a point on top of the "S".  "David Cassidy" exemplars are also available and the signature in OP has some clear differences versus RR Auction example and others.  Any feedback regarding any of these signatures is apperciated.  Thank you.

Here’s my IP 8x10 with Shirley, Danny and David, and CD with David and Danny.  Not sure I trust these 3 names on OP photo.

Hi again Todd.  I forgot to comment on the fact your signatures were obtained in person.  I only have a few IP signatures but they are so much more meaningful to me because of the direct connection I feel with the signer(s).  It is cool that you met each of these actors.  Thank you again for sharing.

That’s why I rarely buy autograph in the past, other than paying at a few Cons and whatnot.  These days though with not much contact yet, private signings are more prevalent and had sent in for one if someone already met at least, but exact proof was provided and Beckett authentication included.  But I generally only collect in person, means so much more to me as well.

Todd - Thank you for the feedback and additional examples.  The Shirley Jones and David Cassidy SIGs were off compared several I found.  It is helpful to see an IP for DB which seems to show a consistent large loop on top of the "D" in "Danny" versus the diagonal loop in my OP.  Based on my research and your additional examples, this OP seems to likely NOT be authentic.  Appreciate your help.

i have a david cassidy inperson ill try post when i get a chance



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