Good morning guys, was thinking about buying this tillman football (sucks that Plummer is on the other side, haha).

What do you think

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Anybody out there that can help?
Here is a pic of a ball that he autographed for me the day he joined the Army.
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Anybody out there that can help? Here is another pic
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Is that ball a super close up shot of this one?

Yes, where did you find that? Is Plummer on the other side?

Yes Plummer is on the other side. Its on EBAY. I've seen this ball before.

There are positives and negatives about it. Tillman has such a basic signature. The negatives on it just out weight the positive for me.  I am leery of any Tillman signature with the super neat and rounded P and the over exaggerated tails like you see on the t in Pat.

The seller doesn't tell a story nor have any kind of proof with it. Anyone can guarantee PSA or JSA authentication. They are both horrible with Tillman sigs and 50/50 they would pass this. There are forgeries on EBAY right now with PSA stickers.

Just my opinion is that these neat single or dual signed Tillman's don't match any of those I ever got from him while he was a Cardinal.

Seems like a risky player to purchase....

I sent you a friend request. I can shoot you some good examples from multiple years to use as a good comparison.

I agree he is a risky player for autographs. Like allot of star NFL defensive players there was little demand for his autograph when he was a player outside of his team's market. It was only after entering the service and his death in Afghanistan that he became a national figure. So much so that there was, and likely still is, demand for his autograph from outside the typical memorabilia collector community. That's always dangerous because less experienced collectors end up buying allot of forgeries. I'm no expert but I'd guess an awful lot of whats up for sale with his name on it are forgeries. 




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