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No, it  looks like an attempt at very early autographs but not real IMHO.

Yes, it's authentic from 63/64

The 9th of october would be my guess ;-)

TRACKS has this for sale...

Yes thank you for pointing out the seller, I honestly didn’t look at who was selling it, I hear that tracks is very respectable, I’ve never seen a Paul signature like this, would you say it’s a rare signature? Meaning worth more then a full one ? 

Thanks for any advice it’s much appreciated 

I have seen these before, likely authentic but highly doubt the value would be higher than his more typical signature, and full name.  

Thanks for the reply 

Tracks is very reliable and know their stuff. Prices can be high though and this first name partial set should be priced alot lower than ones with full names. 

Thanks for the reply,

Is it worth the $730 price for both signatures? Or is it better to wait and find something more traditional with a full signature? 




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