Hi there

Any thoughts on the value of the attached

many thanks


the above is a promo CD "oobu joobu" that came free with Flaming pie CD in the USA store Best Buy the autograph is above on the inside

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+1. It looks like a very nice George signature and inscription to me too.

Appreciate it

I have no reason to fake it

I was just a young lad who grew up with Paul and his kids  with our farms close to eachother and george passed through one day

and as mentioned my brother still does work for Paul

I think, as Steve wrote, I was misunderstood. I didn't say it wasn't authentic. I just said it looked weird, especially 'best wishes'. At first glance it looks like 'bet wistes' and he actually only wrote the 'r' in George earlier. I don't know of any 'new' autograph from George where he wrote the 'r' like that. Here are two examples. So again, I don't doubt the authenticity of the signature, it just looked a bit strange to me at first glance.


i understand why you meant , but as you know , it all depends on the situation on how it was signed , signatures on a table look different then signatures that someone signs on their knee and so on and so on 

I feel this signatures are 100% good , my question is if you got a signature direct from Paul or George, would you not cherish it and want to keep it , just my opinion 


Hi Sgt pepper

They are not for sale ...everything has a price but not my intention to sell just in the drawer so was curious

Have some very very rare signed vinyl like 12 copies exist from another band

plus the blood splattered AC/DC if you want blood LP all bought in my youth

.....many centuries ago :o)

First of all, the George is authentic, no doubt. The thing that might look a little bit strange is that the 'S' is too rounded and creates a perfect circle. In most examples the 'S' doesn't look like that at all. But! it reminds me of my Harrison with the same too rounded 'S' that creates a perfect circle.  

They are all genuine 

I can’t understand people saying the George looks weird

that’s a typical signature from the period.



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