We've discussed this one before. Many of the best McCartney members here have given their respected opinions. Although the opinions have been equally divided. I desire to offer this at an attractive price or trade for something else that would fit my needs. I believe this was signed by Paul but is a bit different than usual. I'll let your opinions, especially Steve's, be the final word.

Should this one be allowed to be posted in the Buy, Sell, Trade board?

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Could you take the highest resolution crop of the autograph that you can please? That will help us see into the flow of it and see how quickly and naturally it's signed. Thanks

Here is a close up of the signature scanned at 600 dpi. I can go 1200 dpi if you need it.

600 is perfect...thanks.

The pressure and line thickness is virtually identical throughout. The only light areas on the ink are from the marker. It doesn't look naturally signed.

I don't think it was signed by machine. It's like it was signed by someone with the skill of a calligrapher. Are you aware of any other examples of Paul's handwriting with these qualities?

What do you think?

Based on the details on how this was obtained matched opportunity and access to Paul. If my memory is correct, there was a discussion about the type of pen used may have affected the way he signed this one. What I have gotten in my detective work is that the signature is technically correct although I get "but.....can't quite put my finger on it" type of reply. 

It's a beautiful signature and it would be quite desirable. As long as Paul was the actual signer. If it's not signed by Paul somebody surely has some skills.

I think we need to dig into some other carefully signed McCartneys that we know for sure are genuine. When we have those examples we can compare characteristics.

I agree with you that it has a lot of his characteristics. We just need other examples to be able to make a knowledgeable decision.

Hello Steve and Joe and all,

It's a tough scan to work with but I see much strangeness, much slow hesitation shaky at curves etc., the "P" thing very shaky and just odd, I see wispy parts of strokes streaking off, weird deposits...I don't think it is "normal". What do you guys see? I will try to coax more out. I don't know what created this (perhaps mechanical from this scan), but I don't like it.

View full size (click TWICE) - preferably in Photoshop:

I actually saw the same types of things Eric did when zoomed - whispiness, hesitations, and dark spots. Seems to may be mechanical?

It doesn't have signs of mechanical signing that I look for. But calligraphers can produce that sort of smoothness. The whispiness looks like it's from marker, which appears to be a chisel point. 

If a search does not determine any similar examples, I wouldn't sell it.

There is so much movement "sideways" and all the rest - I don't think it is good. It is really smooth?

I am seeing "bumpiness" in many places - the bottoms of connectors in the first name, at curves...just a lot of "strange". And odd "spots" like the consecutive light spots in the second "c" in McCartney.

The light spots could be the chisel point marker.

I'm not ready to kill it yet. I think a search for known real exemplars with similar characteristics is warranted.

It certainly is unusual if real though.


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