found this on a dutch Marketplace and told the seller this is not a authentic mccartney i wrong?

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Not in my opinion.

no papers-no story-no photoproof  and still someone wil buy it?.

Believe it or not, I think it's has a decent chance of being real. 

It sure is ugly, even if authentic. I would not want to own it.

what could be the value of this autograph? i did ask the seller some questions and waiting for answer...the seller also have a eric clapton and johnny cash autograph or sale.

Post the Clapton and Cash. Value? Maybe $150 perhaps. And that's if there's video of him swearing it's genuine on a stack of Bibles during an audience with the Pope.

the cash and clapton...high bids at this moment, so curious about your answer.

Attachments: No photo uploads here!

i have no knowledge about music autographs and trust you about your opinion and feel sorry about the ones who buy these items.

I just render my opinion. Don't take it as the gospel. Others may disagree. I think we all may agree that these are not great examples. 

The Cash and Clapton say it all for me. It's highly unlikely that either of them signed those. No chance at all in my opinion.

I've seen so many horribly signed McCartneys these days that I often need an opinion or two from someone out there in the IP world.

I'm still not sure the McCartney is bad, but the company it's keeping greatly concerns me.



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