Paul McCartney autographed 8x10 and Cut-----Authentic or not? (NEED HELP!!!!!)

Any opinions much needed...........

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I am certain the two Paul McCartney items you have attached are not authentic. And neither is the one below, if that is what you are basing it on.

this one is a forgery as well

This one is PSA? So it's real
How is this fake if its PSA?

sorry man but you got to remember all authentication co. are only giving their "expert" opinion and quite often they can be wrong. im somewhat a new member here and in my opinion you have a better chance of getting authentic autographs if you get opinions off here rather then basing your opinions on psa or jsa certifications.  ive realized there are a lot of members here that are very well educated with McCartney autographs.

True but if you buy something on eBay and its PSA there's nothing eBay can do for you if the item is fake but certied by PSA

And the beat goes Ballroom?

You'd think that they could at least do something about one that I would assume was authenticated quite recently, and which is currently being offered at auction.

sorry but the whole lot of them are fake mate = all four of them. it doesn't matter what psa or quite frankly you say. these are unquestionable..D

Yea but ppl don't care asking as its PSA lol

What is LOL about your statement? A lot of collectors that have bogus material - including items like this from PSA are not Laughing Out Loud about it.



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