Paul McCartney Autographed Beatles CD PSA DNA Examined & Certified

Hi, I want a Beatles autograph so bad but all of them are so expensive.  I found this Paul McCartney signed Beatles CD for under $1000.00 with PSA DNA Certification Papers.  Now I would like to know if it's  truly authentic.  What do you guys think?  Thanks.

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Yes, I think it is authentic.

Thank you Paul.

Thank you Steve.

I think it's good too. But I wouldn't buy an autograph with only his first name. You gonna regret it, just be patient and buy a better example.
I don't know how much they are asking, but I think the value of this one is about 500 dollar, maybe even less.

Wow Bjorn, that's for the advice.  I think you're right I will wait.

Bjorn, on ebay which is were I primarily shop for graphs under a careful and scrutiny eyes, Beatles graphs (depending on who you want) go from $5000 - $20,000.00 with PSA DNA papers.  I saw it, a John Lennon for example on ebay is very expensive beyond my capabilities right now.  George Harrison too but a little cheaper.

Yeah I know the prices :-). The Beatles aren't cheap, haven't got one myself yet but I try to be patient. Save a bit more and buy yourself a nice full name signature.
This isn't worth near 1000 dollar. For that price you can get a Ringo AND a full McCartney.

This one is going for just under $1,000. and change on ebay.

You can get a nice example of his complete signature on a cd or a book for that price. I would not waste my money on his first name only.

Wow!  Thanks terrier8HOF for the advice. 

Yes, patience. :)


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