Paul McCartney signed Hofner Guitars w/ JSA & PSA - BUYER BEWARE

Hi everyone - I know that this was a previous topic last week in regards to a Paul McCartney signed Hofner guitar with a JSA cert that was identical to a particular High In the Clouds book signature.

Just wanted to let everyone know that there seems to be a serious scam going on as I have been given a picture to another 'signed' Hofner, equipped with a different High In the Clouds signature. 

My questions for the AML group is:

1. Has anyone noticed any other artists with this copied signature issue on pick guards or any other item?

2. Do you believe this to be live ink? Doesn't look like an autopen to me.

To me, this is a huge issue because (1) the replicas are being certed (2) no one knows where these are coming from and (3) without matches, most would have accepted it as real.

Lets get to the bottom of this. A scam like this can ruin our hobby

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You're seeing the diagonal lines virtually throughout the autograph? I thought you were seeing spot deficiencies.

I see the spot variations, but also parallel "striation" heading down to the lower right.

a little about heat transfers.  if u try to do this on a concert ticket it will most likely turn brown as the paper is.

also blue ink doesnt oxide like black i think thats what beyonce was talking about with the transfers and stuff so its harder with black ink.

ps bowie hated blue pens because he said all blue pens were dealers

Wow --- just another trick forgets and frauds can get you, if you are not careful.

My assumption all along on these was that people were cutting signed pages into the shape of pickguards. So I was just curious about whether the book title would be visible if these were made into cuts. If you layer the page over the guard, you can see it lines up for a nice clean cut at this shape so the title gets cut off, which explains the angle/placement of the signature. This leads me to believe these guitars are just straight page cuts that are physically layered atop pickguards and not copies. But I'm still remaining open to the possibility of them being image transfers, nonetheless.


That is what I was thinking as well Steffman.  

BUT this whole topic has me thinking about a St. Peppers album with Paul's signature I purchased off ebay 2 years ago with PSA.  There was and exact copy of the P that looked like Paul started to sign it and stopped. The signature was signed in blue sharpie.  I am thinking it NOW it was the same thing… a transfer.  I am glad I returned it. 


Here are two high resolution images. Click to enlarge. Not the best JPGs but my thanks for the guy who sent them. He has one of these guitars:

Paper or plastic Ma'm? Bubbles from...transfer? Odd halo...dings?

The second image above looks very useful but when I try to download etc it reverts to the first image. So from screencap. I have fooled around a lot with a few signatures in Photoshop and I've not run into whatever this is yet. Click to enlarge:

Click on Eric's comparisons to see the entire image.


Those look like they could be bubbles from whatever topcoat they put on the paper.

The P crossover is a good question. Does anyone know how Paul signs the P? Does he start with the bottom of the loop and then do the upright like it appears here?

Another from the same guy:

A comparison I put together:

The matching book Ballroom found:

In these images posted by Steve I believe the poor quality of the guards can be seen around the pickups especially. 


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