Paul McCartney signed Hofner Guitars w/ JSA & PSA - BUYER BEWARE

Hi everyone - I know that this was a previous topic last week in regards to a Paul McCartney signed Hofner guitar with a JSA cert that was identical to a particular High In the Clouds book signature.

Just wanted to let everyone know that there seems to be a serious scam going on as I have been given a picture to another 'signed' Hofner, equipped with a different High In the Clouds signature. 

My questions for the AML group is:

1. Has anyone noticed any other artists with this copied signature issue on pick guards or any other item?

2. Do you believe this to be live ink? Doesn't look like an autopen to me.

To me, this is a huge issue because (1) the replicas are being certed (2) no one knows where these are coming from and (3) without matches, most would have accepted it as real.

Lets get to the bottom of this. A scam like this can ruin our hobby

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Check out eBay number 122166625783 for comparison.

BallroomDays67 wrote, "The seller thinks it's a good thing that the two signatures look the same because, after all, both items were signed by Paul."

After all! Of course it's a "good thing" that they're identical. It's a good thing much in the same way that Anthony's parents thought it was a real good thing that he made it snow in July destroying their crops in the process in that old Twilight Zone episode.


This makes me not wanna buy auto,s    so many scammers out there,,

You can learn and get feedback before you buy from other collectors in communities like this one and purchase with a high degree of safety. 

Thanks Steve I def would not buy unless I posted pic to site for advice first as I'm just a beginner



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