Paul McCartney signed Hofner Guitars w/ JSA & PSA - BUYER BEWARE

Hi everyone - I know that this was a previous topic last week in regards to a Paul McCartney signed Hofner guitar with a JSA cert that was identical to a particular High In the Clouds book signature.

Just wanted to let everyone know that there seems to be a serious scam going on as I have been given a picture to another 'signed' Hofner, equipped with a different High In the Clouds signature. 

My questions for the AML group is:

1. Has anyone noticed any other artists with this copied signature issue on pick guards or any other item?

2. Do you believe this to be live ink? Doesn't look like an autopen to me.

To me, this is a huge issue because (1) the replicas are being certed (2) no one knows where these are coming from and (3) without matches, most would have accepted it as real.

Lets get to the bottom of this. A scam like this can ruin our hobby

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Great job Corey. I fear this might be one of those high tech tings I wrote about in the Springsteen thread. Ah, I just found the larger pics in your link. That guitar guard appears to have cross over and all. 

These are the same images that were posted in the other thread. A third match has been found as well.

Good work Ballroom. Any idea what were are looking at here with these?

Four, Ballroom. You found four matches.

Ah, that's correct. Thanks.
It's great work what you have discovered Ballroom. The reason for the second post was not to undermine what has been previously discovered, but instead put this scam to the forefront. Want to thank yourself and the others that have discovered this mess of a scandal.

Hi Corey,

Good post. We've found four so far with exact matches to McCartney autographs in "High in the Clouds" books. Three certifed by JSA Florida and one by PSA/DNA. There are no doubt many more.

I don't think they are live ink or Autopen. They are adhered on the surface of the pickguards, and I think I've figured out how but can't confirm it until I have better images or see at least one in person.

They look so good that it's not surprising that they have been authenticated. 

We can all thank Ballroom for discovering the book signatures. 


We can't tell for sure without better images and hopefully seeing one or more in person.

What I think the forgers are doing is taking very high quality images of the book autographs and transferring a mirror image of them onto pickguards.

The books are chosen for the paper type ("semi-gloss" grainless vellum or??) "helping" perhaps, and the good clean sigs? It is interesting they all seem to start with this book, not sure what else it could mean in anything. Would love to see one in hand.

The books were chosen because McCartney went on a major book-signing tour when "High in the Clouds" came out. He signed thousands of beautiful autographs on blank parts of the page.

But the autographs on the pickguards look far better than most he signed on the street. 

I'm surprised that JSA didn't catch onto it. The nicer "High in the Clouds" signatures are pretty distinctive, which is what was used for the pick guards. Most of the Macca signed pick guards I've seen don't look that nice, and they received at least three really nice examples that look like "High in the Clouds" signatures, which they should have been familiar with. After all, the signatures are about 12 years old.


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