I have attempted in the past to get in-person autographs but have never had any success. My brother and I are taking a trip to the UK the beginning of June 2019. I was wondering if anyone could offer advice on how to go about trying to get Paul McCartney's autograph while in the UK. Like maybe places that might be having events he would be attending. Or places that he is frequently seen. Also I would like advice on how to go about approaching him for an autograph if I do see him. I was wondering if anyone he has had success with TTM autographs? Like preferably sending a request and something for them to sign to a venue it's celebrity will be performing at and getting it back signed. I've heard that some people have done this but I know very little about it I was wondering if anyone knows if does this kind of stuff or if you think I have a shot if I tried it.

Thanks look forward to all replies.


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find out his air flight schedule ,his dinner reservation ,when he sees his dentists, when he goes out to jog and nap hour otherwise enjoy your vacation in london

Unless you have a good solid, concrete lead, I would not waste your time as it likely would not be successful. Spend that time enjoying your vacation. Maybe go see Beatles related sites.

A solid lead would be something like a known event he is sure to be attending, a flight he is on, etc. Even if you had this information about a known event, there is a very good chance you might not be successful. He is very high profile and gives autographs sparingly from what I understand. That would be terribly disappointing if you waited on a vacation and you waited hours and he did not sign. It's a bit different if it is close by and you have time to kill.

If you want in person autographs, try more approachable people. You can also pay for meet and greets and not have to worry about being turned down. There are conventions where you can get autographs from people.

Probably  won't even be in the country in June  

Paul will now not sign for anyone that approaches him in his private life. Hasnt done in years . Hes very polite about it . I live about ten miles from his home on the wirral not far from liverpool . I know a couple have seen him out and about when hes up this way and have been unsuccessful . 

1. He will be touring the US in June.

2. He is not signing if not in working mode - meaning the only chance is while he is on tour, not while he is enjoying his private life.

3. He has pretty much done signing anyway since mid 2013-2014, even on the road. Might give occasional autograph once or twice throughout the whole tour.

Conclusion. Do not even bother. Chances are extremely weak at this point. My friends were trying for him for 3-4 days this month in Europe and he signed NOTHING.




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