As everyone knows by now, Sir Paul is also quite an artist, wanna-be. He sometimes signs autographs with an added doodle. Often it is a simple smiley-face, which has changed over the years. Here's a group I've found that all have some type of third-party authenticity, so I am not making any claims myself. Any thoughts?

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I suspect that I know who you purchased it from.

again this doesn't make sense.  when you would attend a signing with Sir Paul you rarely got up to him where you could speak to him and another is if you bought a book at a signing and did not get it signed you could return it.  You can buy pictures and wristbands on EBAY all the time.  there is somehing very fishy about this

now that i look at it again. the bottom right is wrong. my bad.

Actually, the third one also doesn't look authentic to me. 

I like the third one. I think I see why you don't like it, "Paul" doesn't look as flowing as it should, but I think that may be the pen. 

Hi Steve,

Attached Paul McCartney

Should I buy or Not??


Hi Kaleen,

There are many better at Paul than me, but we'll need a bigger picture. That's to small to tell from, sorry.

if you are satisfied, fine.

Thanks Xperttexpert


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