F671884C-4A1F-4739-AC1D-A7D280F948E7.jpegSomeone in a Beatles Marketplace group is trying to take offers for this “signed” Paul McCartney large poster. A great friend of mine posted that this is a fake and the seller called my friend an “idiot”. Any opinion is greatly appreciated here. I vote fake on this one :)

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I was a victim of the Mercari website incident. I brought a handful of the Paul McCartney “signed” items that I thought were ok at first and then was informed they are not real. I was upset about it big time but I got over it.  When I purchased my Beatles autographs from Tracks, I now have no use for the Mercari stuff and now look at them as fakes. Reading your post about the name calling thing on eBay is just sad. About a few years ago, I won the bid of a John and Yoko “signed” 45 but unfortunately I didn’t think the autographs look authentic. Once Perry Cox told me that John and Yoko signed item is a fake, I messaged the seller telling him I’m no longer interested in the item and he called me an “Idiot” and other ridiculous names. I had to message him again to tell him that an autograph expert informed me that your John And Yoko signed record is not authentic. He withdrew my bid and then relist it on eBay. I’m sure he sold it for a lower amount. I’m proud to be here on the Live Autograph forum because I own authentic Beatles and other music autographs and want to interact with other autograph people here. I will only post here asking for an opinion when the seller gets angry at a good friend of mine for telling the seller that an autograph is not authentic.


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