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Am I correct in thinking this one's okay? 

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Beware! This is currently on eBay from seller triumphant59 at a starting bid of 2,000 GBP.

From the listing description:

The individual that I purchased this unique item from provided me with the following provenance:

In order to promote the release of the vinyl Brian Epstein requested that Paul McCartney attend a vinyl signing at his NEMS store in Liverpool. As such, the first few customers to the store on the 8th of May in 1963 got the chance to meet Paul and get their brand-new record signed. As an avid admirer of Paul, and a fan of the Beatles, the original owner arrived early to ensure that they met him.

This is literally one of the first few hundred copies bought!

A certificate of authenticity can be arranged should the winning vendor request it. I have never felt the need to do so as I am in no doubt that the item is a genuine artifact. The strokes of the biro appear natural and display variations in pressure and pigment similar to other signatures from Paul that I own. The wear to the sleeve – although perhaps undesirable to some – only adds to its character and authenticity. (As an aside, I think that fact that the original owner played and enjoyed their signed copy so much is fantastic! They obviously loved the record.). The first variant sleeve, ‘Dick James’ black and gold 1st variant labels, 1A/1T early stampers'patents applied for' EMITEX inner sleeve and the original ‘NEMS Liverpool’ plastic outer slip all combine to provide what I believe is the complete authentic package.


The seller has changed the provenance again…

After several messages from members of the public during the last auction I double-checked the provenance with the previous owner. I was mistaken in my previous recollection that the album was signed on the day of purchase by Paul. Instead, the previous owner stated that:

They purchased the album on the day of release from Brian Epstein's NEMS store in Liverpool. The original owner then attended a Beatles concert at the Imperial Ballroom in Nelson, Lancashire on the 11th of May 1963 where they met Paul and asked him to sign it.


Good catch! 

Thanks. Apparently Paul was in the middle of a vacation with George and Ringo in Tenerife in Spain on that day.

The seller will love that...

That's gold dust 😂

The actual vacation dates were April 28th through May 9th, 1963.

Not real.

Grr. This is supposed to not be there anymore.

Does anyone know how long this forger has been active?  Is he or she more recent or doing this for decades?

They’ve been active since at least 2017. I doubt that it goes back much further than that.

Thanks for the answer.  I had no idea these forgers could last that long without getting caught.


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