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Great actor! Yes, this is the real deal, IMO.

Thanks for the look Joe W.

Looks good to me.

That's most certainly an authentic Paul Newman ----- and an earlier one to boot!

What happened to Bill?

To use gangster parlance, they rubbed poor Bill out. 

Seriously though, I wonder if someone wasn't trying to make an inscribed autograph an "uninscribed" one and realized after attempting to cleanly erase the name itself, the "To" obviously wasn't going to work either and they quit. 

We've probably all seen this done before.  It seems to really only work  with felt tip dedications on glossy photos.

That's exactly what happened. A botched and aborted dedication removal. 

Steve, In this case it is the sentiment that also proves the autograph. When you look at autographs of Apollo astronauts that have sentiments or inscriptions, don't they also validate the autograph? Sometimes it is the smallest thing that will validate the entire autograph.

I did not mean "what happened to Bill" literally - anyone can see what was done. I just see it as a problem. I don't like edited items.

That was just my (feeble) attempt at humor saying that, like gangsters, someone had "rubbed Bill out". 

I got it :)

Since all agree this is a real Newman, the most important part of this inscribed Newman autograph is the salutation. As I have posted before the key to knowing his autograph is the additional script handwriting when present. I think he connects and disconnects words like no other. Notice the laid down "s" in best and the last "s" in wishes. Yet the first "s" in wishes stands tall and not really connected…..except to the dot on the "i" ….another clue? When it comes to Newman the more handwriting  you have as exemplars the better .



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