Any thoughts on these signed CD's off eBay?

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Why the price drop if it’s real? $450 wasn’t cheap enough?

Another Cavern Live litho was just listed on Mercari for $429 OBO from seller handsignedautographs.

Here’s the JSA authenticated one, which is currently on eBay for $2,999(!) OBO from seller allthingsthatrock.

There’s a user on Mercari named BeatlesMostly who sells a number of pathetic Beatles autograph forgeries. He blocked me after I messaged him saying they are fake.

seems someone got hold of the file that was used to print this poster

Frank Garo recently authenticated one of these and it just sold for $2,600 from eBay seller 03855.

I didn't realize he was still around offering his "beliefs"

I wonder if the seller tried to have it authenticated elsewhere prior to going the "forensic" route.

It's hard to determine exactly if the McCartney CD is authentic or not. If the photo was taken from above instead of the angle provided then I would have been able to give you a better answer. From what I can see though it looks good. I have the same CD signed. I have it hanging in my basement. I will post a photo of it here so you can compare.

There’s a clearer image back on page 2.

This is being offered by eBay seller signatureinvestments with a BIN price of $15K(!). Frank Garo has graded the autograph a 10.

10 out of what?  100?  This authentication is a joke. 

I think he’s saying that the signature is worth 10 cents.



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