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Looks good to me! Just like ones I’ve received in person.

I think this might be a good forgery.

If so then it is VERY, VERY good. It is practically identical to the graphs I’ve received in person. I’d ask Roger for a quick opinion.

It looks good to me, but I'll say this. I've seen REALLY GOOD Simon forgeries, so...I would never buy a Simon signature.

What do you think of this one?

I say no good. The bottom of the “P” is wrong and the letter spacing is off. Again, I’d ask Roger for a quick opinion if I were buying ANY Simon graph.

If the one in the OP isn't authentic, it would be from the same forger as the signed Bookends.

Here is my signed Bookends for comparison. I obtained both signatures in person. The P is the same in mine and the OP, as is the spacing of the letters.
Wow, that's a nice piece. I think Paul's signature looks more natural and spontaneous than the other two examples, which I think look similar to each other. The presentation looks similar as well.
Thanks Ballroom. I had always heard horror stories about Simon signing anything from the S&G days, but he could not have been nicer. Even asked his handler to take another picture to make sure it turned out okay. Back to the OP graph, I see good & bad qualities in it - but I still lean towards authentic. However, for peace of mind I’d ask Roger for a quick opinion.



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