I've long suspected Peter Falk had used a secretary for signatures ttm back in the early 2000s, if not previous or later on, though by the mid 2000s fans were receiving autopens through Spanky Taylor.

In 2000 I received a signed 8x10, in 2001 I sent some VHS sleeves and got two signed.

In 2007 I bought two copies of his book from a mail order from a signing. He signed one in print, one in cursive but it's definitely his signature and quite different from the ttms.

In 2008, a friend picked up an autograph IP from a Hollywood Collector Show. Peter kindly signed a salutation I requested. Very similar, as should be, to the book signing autographs YET still quite different from the ttms.

I've enclosed some attachments for comparisons.




To me, the most telling is this site (not my own) which features a guy meeting Peter and getting the photos signed. Scroll down to the bottom to see pictures, a few decades apart and neither signatures (Peter's authentic) matches the ttms I got.


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unfortunately he does use a sec as I have been looking for a authentic one for ages

Falk I believe changed his autograph slightly over the years also but most of his I have seen that I think are real often have a disconnected "K" like "I<"  although I think some that connect are legitimate also.  I think it maybe sometimes he was in a hurry.  I agree with you that not all the above were signed by him.    This is an older index card from probably late 1980s from JG Autographs, Inc.


Scott, a lot of the real autographs and even the ttm autopens are very similar to the one you posted. He has some variances in his autograph over the years, for sure, though the ttms I got were consistent in 2000 and 2001 but no match to any of his real autographs I've seen.

Hey Jason,

I'm new here and I wanted to ask you about the autograph you meant in this thread because I can't see the pics anymore you enclosed. Recently, I bought a Falk autograph on eBay with COA but I'm afraid it's exactly the kind of style you meant here.

So don't feel awkward that I sent you a "friend request". ;)



Lucian, are you able to post your photo on here?

A good thing about Peter Falk is, his real autographs are usually pretty low priced and you can eventually find one real (if yours is not). From my experience it has never been well known that his ttms are not real. And it seems he did sign authentically probably up until mid 1990s or 2000s when they were either secretarial or autopen.

Sure. I prefer index cards and at the time I bought it it was the only Peter Falk index card on eBay. Perhaps I was too naive about the COA. ;)

I checked up his signature and you can see this style on some of his autograph cards but it looks totally different compared to all the others, especially the "P". So I guess, it's secretarial. The only thing I'm confused about is that there are at least four different styles of his autograph.


I think that is a ttm secretarial.

He definitely had at least two different styles but while he was inconsistent with his own styles, the ttms were always consistent (as your index card is).

My in person from Hollywood show was personalized and the handwriting was shaky print while this book signed is more cursive but both his handwriting.

Please note: book was a mid 1990s thru mail and great representation of his handwriting and signature. When someone did get a personalized autograph you normally got a lengthy inscription (either ttm or in person) while at best secretary wrote "best wishes"


Well, I was expecting that. ;) Thanks for your answer.

What do you think about this autograph? Could this be authentic?


That is a good one. So far we have three different styles of his autograph.

Alright, thanks.

Here is style number 4. It looks totally fake to me but I actually saw that more than once. (I guess, he had more than one secretary all over the years.)


I'm not sure about that one. It looks more like his style than secretary (moreso Peter portion). The F looks quite different BUT I seem to recall getting an autopen photo back ttm (threw it away) and it looked like this style. It's rare but does happen that a secretary autograph gets used as a template for an autopen or facsimile. You can probably find better options for real autographs but if you had that photo in your collection I'd keep it as most likely genuine.

Ok, thanks for your help.

In sum, the autograph on "Falk3.jpg" is most probably authentic, am I right?




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