Anyone else having issues with uploading photos? 

I know links work but for some reason I can no longer just upload them

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There was a network-wide issue for 2 days that was fixed. I've been using it this evening and it and it works fine. Can you please try it again? Thanks

Still having issues, 

I’m gonna try to email you a photo from this website to see it that works 

I was having difficulty uploading photos from my iPhone today.  I e-mailed them to myself, and was able to save and upload them from my computer.  I will try to upload a couple of photos from my iPhone again tomorrow.

I’m using an iPad, it was working last week but I’m having a difficult time at the moment, maybe it has something to do with our software? 

Sorry, guys. I didn't check my iPhone or iPad. It's true that this old system doesn't play as well with iOS as it needs to. There's a new version of our platform I'm moving to as soon as they get the speed as quick as this site. Right now it's too slow.

I'll look into this.

Thanks Steve Much appreciated 

I reported it and hopefully they’ll have it fixed in the not so distant future… Like tomorrow. They really try hard.

Thanks, Steve.  I am still unable to upload photos from my iPhone.

Hi Mike,

Sorry, they're still working on it iPhone/iPad uploads. I expect it to be fixed today, since they address problems like this as quickly as they can. Until then, you can upload them as a file attachment if that works for you.

No need to apologize.  I can e-mail them to myself, and am able to save and download them from my computer.  My daughter suggested that to me yesterday.

Hi Mike,

I didn't realize that you were doing that. Darn...I thought they fixed it! Hopefully later today. If we're having problems with iOS others are too.

As 7:59 PM, 07/08/19, can't upload a pic from PC documents to the site.


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