Pink Floyd Autograph Collector Group - Complete Album Census

Hello all,

As I mentioned before, I have recently created a new Facebook group named 'Pink Floyd Autograph Collector'. This is a group that members can share authentic exemplars, seek opinions, and gain IP knowledge & news. 

In the first few weeks, the group is looking to compile a comprehensive exemplar file, specifically creating a fully signed album census (much like Steve has created with the Beatles).

In order for an album to be eligible for census addition, it must be a studio LP, fully signed on the album cover. Currently we have 40 albums in our files.

Right now, I am asking AML members to either post exemplars to this thread or PM me to share a picture if you wish to not post publically. We are also looking for Floyd/solo exemplars of David & Rick, as we have seen plenty of Roger & Nick recently. Let’s see what you got!

Also, all are welcome to join the group to post & keep up to date - see the link below:

Pink Floyd Autograph Collector

Thanks for all the help and enjoy!

Shine on,


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For starters, here are a couple items I had finished by Roger recently in Berlin, Germany

Here’s Roger signing them

Here’s another signed album I had done in Berlin

Wish I was a Facebooker! I'm sure your group will grow and do well.

Thank you Joe!

Wow, Seamus, incredible!

How did you manage to get Waters 3 times (or more) for Signatures?

If you ever going to sell one of your complete Floyd-signed pieces, pleace think of me!

I'm not a friend of Facebook. But in this case I regret. 

Now, next monday, I will be in cologne to get him and seeing his show. So, wish me luck.

Thanks Andreas. I am thinking about selling the WYWH CD, so I would definitely entertain any offers before I post the item. 

I managed to have the three consigned to have them complete as I did not travel to Berlin myself. The Chicago experience was more than enough for me!



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